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Requirements for Boarding at HAH Personal Boarding

Since your family member(s) will be coming into my home and may not be the only guest. It is very important to everyone that the following requirements are met before I will accept your family member(s)as a guest in my home.

1) The first and most important requirement is that the guest(s) ARE NOT AGGRESSIVE TO PEOPLE OR OTHER DOGS.

2) All guests must be spayed or neutered (Puppies are the only exception).

3) Guests must be HOUSE BROKEN (Puppies are the only exception). Accidents will happen this is common, however if a male guest marks in the house he will have to wear a belly band and there will be a $5.00 additional fee per day for diaper changes and the owner will be responsible for providing the diapers.

4) Proof of current Vaccinations including Rabies. The contact information for your Veterinarian. 

5)Proof of current Flea/Tic treatment. I can NOT have any guest in my home with fleas or ticks. Please remember this is my personal home and is shared with other guests. Nobody wants BUGS!

6)Guests MUST be bathed, groomed and NAILS CUT prior to boarding. If not, they will be bathed at your expense.($30-$40)

7)Guests should bring the foods with them that they eat daily. This should prevent upset stomachs and bowel problems.The home cooked meals that I provide will be added to their current food with your approval. Snacks will also be provided with your approval. Home cooked meals and snacks are included in the boarding fee.

8)I encourage you to limit personal items of the staying guest(s). I have many different types and sizes of beds, crates, feeding bowls, toys, etc. If your family member needs their personal items to have a more comfortable stay, then please brings what they need. I provide a personal bin for each guest to keep their belongings in.

If your four legged family member fits the requirements and you, the responsible pet parent would like to set up a meeting, please give me a call at: 239-770-3692 or e-mail: All meetings are done by appointment only and are required prior to initial boarding.

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