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About Us

After working in the medical field most of my career I decided after the death of my greyhound Pearl it was time to make a life long dream happen. My experience with dogs started by being a dog owner at a young age. This love for dogs is why I started as a volunteer for various animal organizations. Working with these various organizations provided me an opportunity to help rescue the wonderful greyhounds. The experience and knowledge that was gained by working with the different organizations and the dogs made this dream of HAH Personal Boarding come to life.

Being a loving, responsible pet parent most of my life I found it very difficult if not impossible to ever leave my pets behind. Taking vacations,business trips, even family emergencies always created a very stressful situation. I did not feel anyone could take care of my four legged family members in the way they were accustomed. I was forever looking for someone that I could trust to care for my four legged family members, but more importantly someone that my four legged family members were happy to see and stay with.

It is my commitment to be that person you can trust in your absence to care for your family member in the way they are accustomed. It is also very important to me to be that person your four legged family member looks forward to seeing and staying with. 


535 Shady Hollow Blvd E.

Naples, FL. 34120


Call or e-mail anytime

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