Personalized dog boarding in my home.  Personalized means just that.  Dogs, like people have very different personalities and have different likes and dislikes.  My goal is to personalize each guests visit, trying to keep things much like they would be at home. 
24 hr Cage less boarding in my clean well maintained home. Cages are available if needed.
SLEEPING-If your four legged friend sleeps in YOUR BED at night, then they will be welcome to SLEEP IN MY BED.  There are other dog beds available if they don't have their own.
FOOD- My nickname with my family and dog friends is "Cafeteria Lady" I earned this name because I love to cook and bake for my four legged friends and always have something tasty with me to share.  My guests have two homemade meal options available: chicken breast,brown rice,vegetable mixture or lean roast beef, brown rice, vegetable mixture. These special mixtures are combined with the food that the guest(s) would normally eat. Special mixtures are only given with your approval.  There is no extra charge for the added food service. I know that all my dogs loved eating and looked forward to a good meal much like we do.
SNACKS- I bake HOMEMADE LIVER BISCUITS.  They love them.  When its baking day I have a captivated audience sitting in the dining room waiting for the next batch to come out of the oven.  Other natural snacks are also available with your permission.
OUTSIDE TIME- I have a SECURED FENCED IN AREA in the back yard and they are able to go outside with my supervision any time they want.  Usually the last take out is around 11:00 pm, however, if anyone needs to go out anytime during the night I will take them out.
PUPPY CARE-I often hear "I would love to have a puppy, but I'm not home enough to take care of all the training and needs of a puppy".  Depending on availability, I will help you with the care,interaction and training they require to become a happy well adjusted member of your family. Although I am not a professional trainer, I did however,have 7 well adjusted, happy, house broken dogs of my own.
BOARDING FEE'S FOR OVERNIGHT STAY- Boarding fees are based on 24hr stay.  Additional charges would apply if stay is over 24hrs.
Holiday Rates-Additional fee of $10 a day per guest would apply to the following holidays(Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve , Christmas Day, New Years Day and 4th of July).
Drop OFF AND PICK UP TIMES- Flexible, but must call prior to drop off or pick up
Boarding 1 DOG up to 20lbs $30.00 (2nd family member 20lbs and under $25.00)
Boarding 1 DOG 21lbs to 45lbs $40.00 (2nd family member 21 to 45lbs $35.00)
Boarding 1 DOG over 45lbs $50.00 (2nd family member over 45lbs $45.00)

PUPPY CARE- Depending on Availability $35 a day or $150 a week Mon-Fri
DAY CARE ONLY-- Call for Availability and Rates
Limited PICK-UP and DROP OFF Service when Available
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